Falconer Funeral

She who gives with a glad heart can truly be said to be blessed, and Ivy is one such lady. If proof be needed it can be found in her love and reciprocal love for the many young people who have found a place they can truly call home in the bosom of Ivy's family. In word and in deed, she shows strength, compassion and resilience to shine a light to help others find their way. If we had more Iike Ivy in this world, it would be a far, far better place.

D Shillam Wolverhampton

Falconer Funeral

As odd as it may sound, Ivylue has always had an eye for detail when it comes to helping to arrange funerals.


At one stage I watched Ivylue go through her own grief but still managed to organise my brother’s funeral who was also her first nephew whom she loved very much, she was also organising her friends at the same time as well.

This was probably one of the hardest times in her life apart from losing her own mum prior.

This venture is perfect for her as she will only be doing something she loves which comes natural.


Ivylue is caring, thoughtful, considerate and dedicated to whatever she is doing, she will think of all the things you may not think of due to grief and pain, however, I can confidently say you will always be in safe hands.

Miss Ryan Birmingham

Falconer Funeral

From the very beginning to the end of our Funeral Service, Ivylue was great at helping us organise the perfect goodbye for my dad, through her own loss of losing so many close loved ones she understood our sorrow.

Her empathy and understanding was a great comfort, she was able to make recommendations for all that we needed in our time of grief.


It is no surprise that she has now taken this Career Path, it will be an impeccable caring service due to her own first hand experience of pain and tragic loss.

L Forrest Walsall