Falconer Funerals is founded by Ivylue Falconer who will be committed to ensuring every need and requirement is met by Falconer Funerals. Ivylue’s personal experience of loss, grief and pain, has provided her with a deep understanding of how difficult loss is which is her driving force to go the extra mile for all clients during the process of funeral arranging.


Paige Falconer who is the daughter of Ivylue will be a partner within the Company. Paige has her own skills from years working within the NHS and experience of bereavement that will enhance Falconer Funerals. Paige will go above and beyond putting your loved ones first, whilst being considerate and caring for you the bereaved family.


Both Ivylue and Paige understand implicitly what the pain and loss feels like when a loved one has gone and will be there to offer their support and guidance as much as you need.


Falconer Funerals will serve families across the West Midlands and will ultimately feel honoured when a family puts their trust in us to care for their loved one. You can put your faith in Falconer Funerals to carry out your wishes and the requirements of your loved one, guaranteeing they have a Funeral that is tailored perfectly for them.

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our Mission is to provide funerals that are specifically personalized for each family. Our services will be tailored to all families of faith and culture and allow families to celebrate and mourn the loss of their loved ones.


Our devoted and compassionate staff will be here to guide you through your journey at such a difficult time. Our presence will be felt as we endeavour to meet your needs, through the dedication and support of our staff. We take pride in doing our absolute best to ensure your needs are met. We are here for you.


Our aim is to serve families during their time of need. The aim of Falconer Funerals is to develop trust and good relationships with Families, Community, staff and external bodies.

At all times our aim is to ensure that we exceed our Customers expectations.


Is to create a business that is well respected in the Funeral Industry and offer services that reflect a modern service to all families regardless of religious beliefs.