Pre-Payment Funeral Plans

Here at Falconer Funerals we provide pre-payment funeral plans that you can begin today. By taking out a pre-payment funeral plan you can save loved ones emotional and financial stress at the time of your death. 



The benefits of this service is that our fees are 100% guaranteed and will be fixed at this price regardless of any future changes to our prices. 


Furthermore, you will have the option to discuss all of your wishes for your funeral which will be recorded and followed at the time of your death. This includes where you’d liked to buried or cremated, the type of coffin, flower arrangements and choice of music.


Payment options:


On deciding to pre-pay for a funeral you can opt to pay in one lump sum or alternatively you can choose to pay in monthly instalments to suit you. Speak with a member of our team for a quotation. 


Your money is fully protected and will be held within a trust fund. The money will only be released upon cancellation or upon your death.

Thank you for submitting.